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Green Card Sponsorship

We pay for all legal fees, US Government fees, and many other processing costs including airfare to the US and a onetime landing stipend. We DO NOT subtract these fees from your salary after arrival in the US.



We are your employer for an initial 5200 hour contract (approx. two and a half years). We will assign you to one specific tertiary hospital for the duration of your contract that best matches your clinical skills.


NCLEX Course and US License

ADEX will sponsor an intensive 30-day face-to-face NCLEX review class and facilitate the US Licensure process.


Arrival and pre-employment orientation services

We provide airport pickup, all credentialing, clinical certifications, clinical adaptation education, housing during orientation, and first month’s rent at assignment location.


Our Benefits

All legal & US Govt. processing feed. All post-arrival health screening & credentialing fees. $400 arrival stipend and licensure endorsement fees.

We pay initial airfare to the US, and airfare to assignment locationWe pay initial airfare to the US, and airfare to assignment location.

Workers Compensation Insurance. Liability & Malpractice Insurance. Participation in partially subsidized Health Insurance Plan. $20,000 life insurance policy. 401K plan eligibility.

Airport meet and greet. Full credential orientation. Free housing during orientation. Free licensure endorsement. Physical exam. Clinical certifications. First month’s housing at assignment location.

About Us

Our real priority is you – The Candidate

When you join Adex, you will become a member of our team. We are a staffing company, not an agency. We help you manage and develop your career in the US and continue to guide you to best possible job.


Who We Are

ADEX Medical Staffing works exclusively for the healthcare community, providing placement services for nursing jobs. We are a U.S. based company with offices in major cities and worldwide. Our local recruiters and support personnel are part of a unified US/Local team dedicated to servicing you, the candidate.We are not third party representative or agents. We are a staffing company, which means WE recruit you and manage your job placement. We have the ability and resources to place you in a job best suited to complement your professional background.

Our Mission

To empower and enable qualified nurses to emigrate to the United States and work to achieve maximum professional advancement.

Our Philosophy

Our real priority is You -‘the candidate’. When you join ADEX, you will become a member of our team. We will help you qualify for emigration with a green card and then place you in the right job. Our involvement doesn’t end there. We are your family away from home. We will help you manage and develop your career in the US. As your skills grow, your opportunities for advancement will grow. We will be your advisor and continue to guide you to the best possible job. This kind of teamwork will help you fulfill your goals in America.

Success Stories

Some of our nurse recruits have succeeded on a professional level, mutually benefiting ADEX, the client, and overall, the patients in which they provide medical care. Hear what some of our nurses have to say!

Hear from the candidates

“While working  in Washington, D.C., he was able to achieve the trusted level of Preceptor within 18 months, and is now, 2 years later, a Train the Trainer for Nurse Preceptors. Philip is now a PEDS nurse traveler completing assignments in TX.”


“While working in Costa Mesa, CA, started as strictly Med-Surg and Psych specific. Through a collaborative effort with the Hospital, and the drive of our nurses, they, within 24 months, are now able to effectively provide care for NICU and Pediatric Ventilator patients.”

Liza and Kuenzle

“Initially Jessamyn was hired based on her skill-set as a Med-Surg Psych nurse. She now has achieved the skill level of and ICU nurse to provide Medical Induced Stress tests to her client’s patients within a 12-month time-frame. Joy is now the Medical Surgical Charge Nurse .”


“Something that normally takes 18 months, Virginia, working with the guidance of our client and support of ADEX, was able to achieve the level of an OR Nurse, in which she had no prior experience.”


“Came to ADEX as a qualified MS/TELE nurse, after 30 months of training is now effectively facilitating the needs of UCLA Research Center.”


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